Go ahead and apply.  Make sure you black out sensitive information like your SSN.


    Your Name

    Your Name on Facebook that you are in the group under, it is a requirement to be an active member of Facebook for 3 months.

    Your Real Email that you check. You will need to validate.

    We will not spam your phone, but we will call if you are approved.

    So we can send you a birthday shout out and verify your information.

    Your address where you want us to send your welcome packet.

    What were you working as when you got hurt in the line of duty?

    If you are selected and approved by our board what system would you prefer?

    Help us get to know who you are and your story. Explain what your medical files do not: Who you are.

    No documentation, your applications is thrown away immediately. Proof of service and medical documentation from your mental health provider. Put your file in the same area and hold shift to add both of them.

    Who qualifies?
    Veterans and first responders (law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS personnel)
    What is needed to qualify?

    Veterans: DD-214 with an honorable discharge (dishonorable are case by case basis) certified paperwork from a mental health care professional showing your diagnosis and it having come from job related experiences.

    First responders: (Law enforcement officers, Fire fighters, EMS personnel)  Academy graduation certificate. Paperwork showcasing the diagnosis of the individual having a psychological issue from an event as a result of their public service and sacrifice.

    You will also need to be apart of the Alpha Nerds Guild and active for at least three months.

    How Do I Apply?
    Fill out the questionnaire on the Application Page and ensure to include the appropriate documents. Once your packet has been received, the board will review each packet to ensure its legitimacy. If approved, a coordination will be made on what gaming system you’re requesting (wish list based) and how we will have it delivered to you. After that, we encourage the receiver to get involved with the guild and coordinate which gaming group you wish to be a part of.